Recognizing that private investors and the private investment industry play an important role in supporting innovative strategies needed to solve our biggest environmental and social challenges.

The Foundation fosters a community of private investors, financial institutions, entrepreneurs politicians, international organizations, and academia, committed to improving the state of the world by accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy through impact driven allocation of assets.

The Foundation identifies, explores, and shares information about issues, topics, themes, relevant for the investment ecosystem and encourages meaningful action and cooperation to create a sustainable value for the economy and for the benefit of society at large.

The Foundation aims to strengthen Switzerland and particularly Geneva’s role as a global financial hub at the forefront of finance.

The Global Investment Foundation is a tax-exempt foundation with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. It is regulated by the Swiss Tax Authorities.


    • Create a platform dedicated to discussing the future of investments.
    • Identify and amplify ideas and people that impact the culture of investing in a positive and sustainable way.
    • Foster debate and encourage a dialogue between divergent views and concepts.
    • Promote purpose-driven, responsible investments, and are actively taking part in shifting the global financial paradigm.
    • Promote Geneva as a forward thinking, progressive environment for finance and investments.


“It all started with a simple idea, to bring the private investment ecosystem together for an annual event in Geneva. An investor myself, I wanted to create an investment event different from those I had been to in the past – one where participants could meet and mingle in an open and convivial setting not only with other investors but with members along the entire chain of investment from entrepreneur to service providers.

I wanted to create an environment that fosters collaboration, knowledge exchange, and learning in the spirit of finding solutions to today’s challenges. I believe that you need to look at a problem or opportunity from multiple dimensions to help you balance the tug of the short-term with important long-term priorities. That in order to find solutions, we need to be confronted with hard truths and to ask the tough questions. That problems are solved through unexpected exchanges of people and ideas – and that, above all, that collaboration with a shared purpose is a main driver of returns for the future.

I am devoted to promoting Geneva, and Switzerland as a whole, as a forward-thinking, progressive environment for the future of investments and that I can be part of developing this dynamic atmosphere.

Finally, I have reached the point in my life at where I wonder what legacy I can leave to future generations. It is my hope that I can have a positive impact on the people that I have had the privilege to meet and build relationships with over the years. I know this is possible, because every now and then I get a message from someone who says, “I was at your conference a few years ago, and I was inspired. Just so you know, the ideas shared that day helped inspire me to found my own company.” So when thinking about legacy, it is my hope that I am able to share the knowledge and wisdom, so others can join me in building a better future.”

Founder of the Global Investment Foundation

Stéphanie Sarfati

Stéphanie Sarfati

President of the board.
General Secretary, Association GVA2. Community relations, Geneva City and State coordination.

Honor Huyette

Honor Huyette

Board member.
Private equity intelligence, partnerships development.

Deborah Mattatia

Deborah Mattatia

Board member.
KollectiveLabs Director.
Impact and growth strategy.

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