The Global Investment Forum’s mission is to foster the exchange of knowledge and encourage purpose-driven investments to create a better future.

The event encourages open and honest dialogue amongst participants and remains independent and impartial. Its activities are shaped by the commitment to cultivating an environment in which participants feel safe to share their opinions and to debate the issues of our time in a constructive and respectful manner.

The Forum has been taking place since 2015. It is by invitation only and brings together a carefully curated group of participants from the global private investment community alongside visionary entrepreneurs, insightful experts and leaders from the worlds of technology to politics. This annual gathering is an opportunity for participants to learn from experts across the private investment landscape and is enhanced by sessions about the major trends shaping our economic, political and social environment. Through interactive panel discussions, exclusive interviews, keynote presentations and breakout sessions, both guests and speaking participants gain insightful knowledge on key trends and developments affecting us in order to come to a shared understanding and create lasting partnerships to provide a convivial environment in which to network, socialize and learn from one another.

Geneva is the home of the Forum not only because the foundation’s headquarters are found in the city, but also because of the city’s history of being a leading global financial center which is constantly reinventing itself and has brought about a unique ecosystem with a fertile environment for expertise, ideas, innovation and creation.

The 2023 Global Investment Forum will take place 15-16 June 2023. 

This next edition will be titled New World, New Choices and will be addressing the many ongoing geopolitical, economical, social, environmental paradigm shifts and their impact on society.

We will be publishing further information about the programme and partners early 2023.

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