The seventh edition of the Global Investment Forum was held on the 15th and 16th of June in Geneva, Switzerland, at Hotel Intercontinental.

Titled New World, New Choices, the program addressed rising environmental, social, geopolitical and economic tensions leading to a context of massive uncertainty, instability, as well as volatility. The pace at which the world is changing is unprecedented: the way we live, work, and relate to one another as individuals and communities is indeed evolving as fast as our adoption of disruptive technologies, now fusing physical, digital, and biological universes.

Recognising that private investors and the private investment industry play an important role in supporting innovative strategies needed to solve these challenges, the 2023 forum focused on the tools, skills and strategies that will allow us to collectively build resilience, guiding investment decisions towards collective prosperity and ultimately contributing to making better choices.

The event was presented and moderated by business journalist and anchor Tanya Beckett, as well as journalist and curator Bruno Giussani.

The 2023 Forum was supported by our partners: Ace & Company, Citi Private Bank, IPG howden, Swissquote, Avantgarde Finance, Agio Digital, Jetfly.

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